Is Worx Landroid the best robot mower your money can buy?

  • The most efficient

    Mows your lawn much faster than conventional robot mowers*

  • The only configurable

    Customize it to your lawn’s needs with a range of optional modules

  • The most agile

    Navigates the narrowest of passages without any guide wire

  • Future-proof

    Constantly improved with automatic software updates

  • Cutting edge

    Mows close to the border, so you don’t have to

* compared to robotic mowers intended for similar lawn sizes
In short, yes.

Europe’s best selling robot mower in 2020

Last year Worx Landroid M500 has sold more than any other robotic lawn mower in the Home Improvement retail channel in Europe.

Make Landroid your Landroid

No lawn is alike. This is why we offer you four unique options to suit the actual requirements of your lawn and simplify the installation process.

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Explore the range

Small or large garden, plain or complex lawn, there’s a Landroid for you. Explore models and options to build the perfect solution for your needs.

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